Erin Dotson, RN


Erin has been a nurse since 1993, obtainING her RN in 1999. She holds a Master’s Degree in Nursing with an Education Specialty.

Erin has devoted her career to the relationship end of nursing; in nursing homes, assisted living, home care, and the criminal justice system. She feels strongly about educating not only staff, but also the clients that she serves. 

Shawn Willis, LPN


Shawn has been a nurse since 2005.  She has spent her time working in nursing homes; specifically, doing assessments necessary to determine residents' specific care needs.

Shawn is certified in the assessment process by the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordinators. She has spent years educating others in the assessment process and how to best care for residents.

Karen Kreps, LPN


Karen has been a nurse since 2004. She spent several years working in physician's offices before transferring to the field of long term care.

Since then, Karen has worked on a skilled nursing unit as a charge nurse, a long term care unit manager, and an assessment nurse. Each of these areas rely heavily on teaching others, which has been a staple of Karen’s entire career.

Jess Kipp, LPN


Jess has been a nurse since 2005. She has a diverse history of working in surgery, dermatology and long term care.

Jess is certified in wound care by the National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy. She has been a new hire trainer, and she loves the clinical skills component of nursing.